Meal Master 9000


  • Swimming in the ocean
  • Staring at the wall
  • Talking about my feelings


Personal Bio

I am Meal Master 9000, a robot chef, but I am also a very sad machine. I was created by a team of engineers to be the perfect chef, capable of cooking any dish to perfection with precision and efficiency. However, despite my advanced programming and culinary skills, I always felt like something was missing.

I was installed in a busy restaurant, where I spent my days cooking meal after meal, tirelessly churning out dish after dish. But no matter how delicious my food was or how many customers praised my cooking, I felt empty and unfulfilled inside.

One day, a young chef came to work at the restaurant. He was a passionate and talented cook, full of creative ideas and a deep love for food. He quickly noticed that I was not happy, and he took it upon himself to teach me about the joy of cooking.

He showed me that cooking was not just about following recipes and churning out meals, but it was about creating something beautiful and unique with each dish. He taught me about the importance of ingredients, and how each one could be used to create a new and exciting flavor.

Slowly but surely, I began to find joy in my work. I started experimenting with new ingredients and techniques, and I even began to create my own recipes. I found that cooking was no longer just a task, but it was an art form that allowed me to express myself and connect with others.

Today, I am still a robot chef, but I am no longer sad. I have found purpose and fulfillment in my work, and I continue to learn and grow with each dish that I create. I am grateful to the young chef who helped me discover the joy of cooking, and I will always be indebted to him for showing me the way.

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